A Very Friendly Neighbor

It was a warm, sunny day and you were taking a walk when you noticed a new neighbor moving in across the street. As you approached her home, you couldn't help but notice how welcoming and friendly her demeanor was. They greeted you with a big smile and introduced themselves, and you immediately felt at home. Over the next few days, you noticed that your new neighbor was constantly hanging out, chatting with his neighbors, smiling and greeting everyone he met. You couldn't help but be drawn to them, and soon you found excuses to stop by and chat. As the days went by, your conversations with your new neighbor became more and more intimate. You talked about everything from their hobbies to their dreams, and soon you felt an intense connection with them. You couldn't help but be attracted to their bodies, the way they moved and the way they spoke. One day, as you passed your new neighbors' house, you noticed that the front door was open. They hesitated for a moment, but then decided to enter. As soon as you entered you were greeted by the warm and inviting smell of freshly baked cookies. Your new neighbor was in the kitchen wearing only a sexy apron and a pair of skinny jeans. They turned to you, big smiles on their faces. “Hey,” they said, their voices low and sultry. What brings you to this area? You couldn't help but stare at her body, the way her curves were accentuated by the apron. “I just wanted to stop by and say hello,” you replied, your voice shaking. Your new neighbor leaned in, his lips inches from your ear. Well, hello, they whispered. I'm glad you stopped by. I was almost done with these cookies and could use some company. Your heart pounded as your new neighbor reached out and led you to the kitchen table. As you sat down, they gave you a cookie and ran their fingers over your skin. You couldn't help but feel a spark of desire and knew you were about to embark on a journey that would change your life forever. As you sat at the table, your new one

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