Anal Sex In Class

The scene begins with a group of high school students sitting in a classroom taking a science lesson. But when the teacher turns her back, one of the students can't resist the urge to explore her body. She takes off her skirt and pulls down her pants, revealing her tight anus. The other students watch in amazement as she takes off her bra and shirt, revealing her bare breasts. The teacher turns around and notices what is happening, but instead of scolding the students, he joins in. She takes off her clothes, sits on the desk and spreads her legs. One of the students can't resist and starts licking her anus while another starts touching her. The teacher moans with pleasure as the students explore her body, taking turns licking, touching and even penetrating her anus with their fingers. The classroom is filled with moans and groans as the students enjoy their spontaneous anal sex session. As class comes to an end, the students can't help but feel a little guilty about what they just did. But they know they will come back next time. The scene ends with the students exiting the classroom, their minds still reeling from the intense anal sex they just experienced.

Duration: 41:18

Views: 84

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