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As the camera pans around the room, you see a beautiful woman sitting on a chair with her legs spread wide. She's wearing a tight red dress that accentuates her curves, and her long blonde hair falls in soft waves down her back. Suddenly you hear a man's voice behind the camera. “Hello everyone, beautiful,” he says as he enters the picture. He is a tall, muscular man with short black hair and piercing blue eyes. He is wearing a white button-down shirt and black dress pants and is holding a bottle of champagne in one hand and a glass in the other. “I couldn’t resist coming to you,” he says as he approaches the woman. She leans forward, eyes on him, and he takes a step closer. You're even more beautiful in person, he says in a quiet and sensual voice. He takes the champagne from her hand and pours it into her glass. “So let’s toast,” he says, raising his glass. She raises her beer and they clink glasses before taking a sip. As they sit there, drinking champagne and talking, the man's eyes keep wandering to the woman's legs. He can't help but look at the way they are separated from each other and he feels a growing desire to touch her. Finally he can't resist anymore. He leans forward and grabs her thigh. She gasps, eyes wide in surprise, but doesn't pull away. Instead, he leans back in his chair and spreads his legs even wider. The man's hand begins to move down her thigh towards her pussy. He closes his eyes, his breathing short and shallow. She can feel his fingers brushing against her wet, sensitive flesh and she knows he's about to cum. Suddenly the man withdraws his hand and the woman opens her eyes. What are you doing? he asks, his voice shaking with desire. “I just wanted to make sure you were ready,” he says, his voice low and sexy

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