Spying On My Stepmother With Sims 4

I can't help but feel curious when my stepmom is at work. With Sims 4, I get to experience the thrill of spying on her every move. With her unknowing eyes in the other room, I sneak through the halls, watching from a distance. Her legs exposed in front of me, I can see her moves come to life in my imagination. Whether she's bending over to pick up something, or dancing in the kitchen, I'm there, hidden in the shadows, waiting to catch her off guard. The power rush I feel is immense as I watch her walk unaware. I can spend hours just watching her, take screenshots and videos of her poised forms. Oh, how much I would love to touch her, to feel the smoothness of her skin, but I know I can't. So, I'll just keep watching, taking my time and savoring each moment of this teasing game of desire.

Duration: 11:55

Views: 86

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