The Black Tail Collector

Meet Jack, a rich and powerful man who has a passion for collecting black cocks. He has a huge collection of them and loves to show them off. Jack is always looking for new and exciting black cocks to add to his collection. One day Jack goes to the black market to buy a new black cock. She sees a huge, thick black cock that she has never seen before. It's so big that you need two hands to hold it. Jack is immediately attracted to it and decides to buy it. Once Jack gets the black cock, he takes it home and adds it to his collection. She spends the next few days admiring him, running her fingers over his smooth, black skin and feeling its hardness. Jack loves the look and feel of it in his hand. One day Jack decides to show his friends his new black cock. He invites her into his house and leads her to his meeting room. They are all amazed at the size of the black cock and can't believe how lucky Jack is to have it. Jack pulls out the black cock and holds it up for everyone to see. She turns it over and shows her smooth, black skin. Then he puts it in his mouth and starts sucking on it. His friends watch in amazement as Jack's lips wrap around the black cock and he begins to take it deep into his mouth. Jack continues sucking the black cock, feeling its hardness and thickness in his mouth. He loves the taste and can't get enough of it. His friends watch him, wide-eyed in amazement, as he continues to suck. After a while Jack decides to take the black cock and stick it in his ass. He lubes himself up and starts pushing it in. It's tight at first, but soon the black cock slides in easily. Jack loves the feeling inside him and starts thrusting. His friends watch as Jack continues fucking the black cock, his ass bouncing up and down on it. They are all amazed at the size of the black cock and how well it fits in Jack's ass. After a while Jack decides to take the black cock and put it in his mouth again. He starts sucking on it, feeling its hardness and density in his mouth. He loves the taste

Duration: 20:06

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