Wbp035 – Happy Prostitute 2

In this hot and steamy sequel to the original Happy Hooker video, we find our gorgeous protagonist back in action, ready to please herself and her clients. She wears tight and skimpy clothing, her long blonde hair falls down her back and her big round tits bounce in her low-cut top. When she enters the room, men are immediately drawn to her, their eyes fixed on her slim, toned body. She steps closer to her, her hips swaying seductively, and begins to unbutton her top, revealing her hard nipples. The men can't resist and they all reach out to touch her, their fingers grazing her bare skin. The happy hooker wastes no time and is soon on her knees with her mouth wide open, ready to take whatever the men have to offer. They take turns shoving their hard cocks into her mouth, her lips glistening with saliva as she swallows them deep, her throat swelling with each thrust. But it's not just the mouth that's in action. A true multitasker, the Happy Hooker begins pleasuring herself with her free hand, her fingers sliding up and down her pussy while her clitoris buzzes with pleasure. She moans and screams as the men take turns fucking her mouth. Her body shakes with pleasure as she orgasms multiple times. The happy prostitute is in her element and enjoys every minute. She's confident, sexually charged and ready to take on anything men throw at her. They can't get enough of her and keep coming back for more, their cocks hard and ready to fuck. As the video comes to an end, the happy hooker is still going strong, her body glistening with sweat and her eyes shining with pleasure. . She's the ultimate pleasure seeker and isn't afraid to show it. The men gasp, their cocks still throbbing with cum as they watch her leave, already dreaming about the next time they can have her all to themselves.

Duration: 17:53

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